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We believe in creating a relationship with our patients that goes beyond the office doors. This section of our site was created to share with you important news from our dental practice.

George L. Garza, DDS


Welcoming new team members!

WELCOME! Amanda and Josie!


It has been a while since we hired a new team member but we are so happy we have added two new members!  Amanda came to us from Atlanta after she spent 4 years there managing three companies under one roof in the TV film industries! A Covid move brought her back to San Antonio and she has proven to be the most tech-savvy person we have ever had managing the world of insurance with an incredibly positive attitude and a great smile!


Josie joined us in February bringing 12 years of dental assisting experience with her. Doc and Josie work tandem to provide the best and most comfortable dental experience for every patient in the chair. What a joy she has been managing everything clinical and patient treatment-related in the back! Her calm and gentle demeanor brought a peaceful aura to the whole office that we and the patients enjoy!

The kids were AMAZING!

Frank Madla Elementary School -  What a fantastic morning with all the Kindergarten and First Grade students!  The kids were so well behaved, knowledgeable, interactive and open to new information about their teeth!  The kids knew their “permanent “ front teeth would show up very soon!  Thank you to  all the wonderful teachers at the school for sharing the morning with our team! 

Community Fun !

West End Park Senior Center -  Thank you for a wonderful visit! We thoroughly enjoyed all of you being open to our presentation covering all the aspects of Senior Dental Health! The morning went so fast ! Loved the  interaction, questions and absolute fun just being together!






Celebrating 40 Years!

This is our 40th year in practice!  Thank you to all the patients who got us started and thank you  for sending your family and friends! We are seeing third and even some fourth generation families who started with us!  Thank you to my incredible staff members through out the years - would not be here today without you.  Thank you to Margaret for her integral part in every facet of the practice and to my three children Chris, Amanda and Danielle who grew up helping in so many ways!   Proud to have built a practice of excellence and integrity with family and faith!

Yolanda's 20th Anniversary

Congratulations and HUGE thanks goes to Yolanda our Recptionist  for her loyalty, hard work and dedication for the past  20 years!  It's been a very fun ride!   

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American Diabetes Association EXPO 2014

The American Diabetes EXPO for 2014 proved to be exicitng and very rewarding! Once again we thank Sole Support and David Flores for the invite to participate. Over 220 patients were screened! Educating one person at a time!   



Warrior Hunts of Texas

Dr. Garza has recently formed a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization –

Warrior Hunts of Texas.


Mission Statement:


“Warrior Hunts of Texas is committed to supporting wounded warriors through wildlife ventures”




To honor and thank, through outdoor wildlife ventures, the wounded men and women who have sacrificed so much of themselves to protect our freedoms and our American way of life.


Please call the office to learn more about this incredible organization and ways you can participate.








American Diabetes Association EXPO

We would like to thank David Flores from Sole Support Medical for inviting our team to participate in the American Diabetes Association EXPO held May 18, 2013 at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. Our dental team screened 140+ attendees in just 5 hours! The opportunity to visually screen, make recommendations and educate that many people in one day was incredible!  

We are proud that all the members of our team are Texas registered dental professionals and certified in CPR. The office has received the Certificate of Excellence for the past 12years which is the highest possible recognition for maintaining all Federal OSHA standards in Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, and for the Texas Department of Health.